Meijie Celebrates 31st!

Reported by Felicia: (in her words) / Replied by Joe (in orange)
1) Last nite quite fun… Ming Liang shared with us his shitting experience at the checkup clinic!
Joe: Why, he got his a**hole blocked?
2) Mr Sam on his big savings here and there like he may be away from 14 Oct to 28 Oct. So that saves him 2 wedding ang baos
Joe: Sam, you can hide at my house in Shanghai. Just nice.. Echo’s baby shower is around that time.
3) Our Mr Hock surely not catching up with us! Tot All these while I already moved to Shanghai with Joe!
Joe: Hock is still LOST?
4) Then we have surprise guest MC who happened to be going home and bump into us and forced to join us for dinner and pay for his share!
Joe: No lah…MC must have heard about the free dinner and dropped by. Where got so coincident one?
5) Poor Kali was quiet most of the time.. coz she was squash between Mingliang and Hock….
Joe: I think there is a typo here.. It should be “Kalinda squash Mingliang and Hock with her assets!”
6) We have “very very sleepy and tired Xiaowei” who still somehow 1 leg win 3 legs!
Joe: Dun play mahjong with Nun Bay.
7) Oh I missed out Jimmy… Er… he changed another Honda Accord (Black)
Joe: Yah…so Jimmy got his new wife liao.. that is fast.
8) Last but not least, Birthday boy was very chatty, liked the gifts!

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