A Black Day

Exactly one day after the arrival of “Grey”, my life went into a few days of “Black”.
In fact, this happened about 1 week ago – last Wednesday to be exact. I was having a late meeting (here in Shanghai) when I received a call from Felicia. It was 730pm. She was sobbing over at the other end.
That was the 2nd time I heard Feli crying over at the other end. Living overseas, there is no such thing as “a good place” or “a good timing” for someone to break a bad news. The 1st time when Felicia called crying was when Elkan hit and cut his head. My heart sank when I heard the news but I regained my senses almost immediately – to mentally-prepare for the next step. Thankfully, it was just a couple of stitches and my little boy was hopping about the next day.

“Dear…there has been an accident…” Felicia cried. “…..A car accident…”

My heart broke even before I get to hear the complete story. In that spilt second, everything paused around me. I looked outside the window… lots of images flashed across my mind – like a sudden power surge – I saw images of my mother, my father, my friends and my son. It was the “scariest and longest second” I ever felt in my life. Yes, I am preparing for the worst.
“What happend…?” I asked.
“Dear…you know, this morning, they left for Malacca… something happened…one of the cars overturned….and one of our auntie died on the spot, “ she sobbed.
That was all I could take. My heart sank…and my knees turned weak. I walked out of the conference room, found a quiet corner and sat there. Earlier that day, 2 Singapore cars left for Malacca. My mother-in-law and Elkan were in one of the cars. For that one moment, my mind told me that I have already lost my son. My head was blank…My heart stopped beating… nothing else matters now.
“Is… Elkan…alright?” I trembled. I was expecting for the worst. My head was already calculating all the exit plans – air ticket, project hand-over, etc etc.

“Yah..he is okay…Mum and him were in the other car…” Felicia assured me. It was a relief and that is all I need to hear.

I couldn’t sleep that night. Feeling so lost, sad and worried. My heart went to my cousins and uncle – who lost a lovely mother and wife overnight. I can understand their loss, their pain. This could happened to my son or anyone dear to me.
Life is so ironic. I experience both the extreme joy (of birth) and sorrow (of death) in less than 24 hours. Life is so fragile – as what Joanne said to me – we may not even have a chance to say goodbye.
For my late auntie and her family who loves her. My deepest condolences.

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