Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 3

After 2 days at "Huai Hai Lu", the boys are finally out of that jinxed "5-finger Mountain"! Can’t believe we spent more than 2 days at 1 street.
Outside "Huai Hai Lu"
For the 1st time in 3 days, we moved our asses to some other places. It was still shopping but it was on another street. We brought the ladies to "Chen Huang Miao".. It is more like an antique street….lovely architectual and cheap cultural products to buy. We couldn’t spend too much time shopping as we got to gather at Francis’ ballroom at 3pm.

Francis’ Day!
Yes, we finally fulfilled our main objective of our trip, that is to attend Francis-Echo Shanghai Wedding! Even though it was their 3rd and final wedding ceremony, their Shanghai Wedding was a big eye-opener for the rest of us! They have a different style of celebrating the wedding dinner (not the same as Singapore). Here are some of the strange-but-true facts:
1) There is no VIP table for the parents. The only VIP table you see belong to their close friends (who are singles). The bride and groom will sit with their friends only.
2) During the couple’s 2nd walk-in, it is their tradition here for the bride and groom to lit candles (on every table) and cigarette for every diner.
3) The Shanghai people dun "Yam Seng" like the Singaporean. They knock the wine glasses on the table to show support.
4) The local dun believe in "table-to-table" photo shoot. They prefer "one-to-one" photo shoot. Imagine Francis and Echo had to toast and take picture with every single diner in the hall.
5) The wedding dinner ended with a lucky draw.
And yes, it was also Francis’ 29th birthday too! We bought him a cake and we celebrated his birthday right after his dinner (upstairs at his suite).

Drinking Party – Back to our Apartment
We decided to play "drinking game" right after we came from Francis’ wedding. The stake – just 2 bottle of red wine (took from Franics wedding). Within 1 hour, we have 3 drunkards down. Siow Wei took the worst hit – she was down just after 2 cups. Felicia went high after her 3rd cup…Kalinda even has to help her to her bed. Next, it was Meijie… He tried to compose his cool…but collapsed on his bed – lying like a dead log. Only Kalinda, Hovman and I were sober….It was a good drinking experience… now we know who can and who cannot… Haaaaa..

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