Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 2

I just set a "trip-resolution" for myself today – I must get out of the infamous shopping street of Shanghai "Huai Hai Lu". For the past 2 days, I am trapped under the mountain of shops like how Monkey God under Buddha’s 5-finger Mountain. This place is jinxed for the men but a haven for the women.
From the minute we left out apartment, I knew the ladies have a secret agenda in their mind. Even though I recommended going sight-seeing and visiting the tallest hotel (JinMao) in the world…the girls had already made up their mind where to go.
So, from 10am till 11pm – the group of us just loithered around just 1 street – Can you believe it? It is Huai Hai Lu, Huai Hai Lu… It is like spending more than 12 hours at Orchard – Eating, Shopping, Eating, Shopping! The men were loitering and the women are, of course, shopping.
Man, I blew my S$600 travelling fund in just the 2nd day of my trip. I still have 4 more days to go. From the rate, I must really escape…far from this jinxed road…. a nightmare for the boys. Needless to say, the girls are having the time of their life!

The weather took for the worst for the night. The wind just set us trembling. Hovman had to visit the loo at least 3 times/hour.
If you asked me how’s my trip to Shanghai at this moment. I would tell you that I dun know. Cos’ I am still figuring how to get out of this street. (We are outnumbered by the yin presence now!)

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