A-mei, The Queen of Divas

What an amazing night – rocking hot and sexy! I have just attended my first concert of 2016 with Tracy and Chowpo. Other than the Heavenly King Jackie Cheung, no other Chinese singer rocks Hong Kong Coliseum like A-mei (張惠妹). She is indeed the Queen of Divas. In terms of live performance, I must say she puts all the other reputable singers (including my favourite Jay Chou and Eason Chan) to shame! Her 3-hour live concert (aMEI | AMIT UTOPIA WORLD TOUR) didn’t disappoint. It was extraordinary outstanding, pitch-perfect and incredibly powerful! I can’t imagine how she managed to dance in high-heels for 3 straight hours!

A-mei has star power! During her first song, over 70% of the crowd stood up, sang and danced (A-mei didn’t even ask them to)! I have attended countless concerts at Hong Kong Coliseum and none was at this level of madness! The audience was super-hyper tonight! Even A-mei was surprised. A lady who sat beside me was standing, singing, screaming and dancing wildly the whole night. The energy was simply contagious, in no time, everyone around us were dancing and singing! We sat so far away from the stage (last 10 rows) and the energy around us was just incredible!

There wasn’t any guest star appearance tonight. I don’t think it was necessary too. Stage design and lighting effects were stunning and impressive. It was the audience who made this night so special. The crowd was superbly passionate and energised! There were many interactions between A-mei and them. She took effort and time to read and greet all the lighted display cards. There were lots of laughters and a couple of moving moments when A-mei delivered a string of touching ballads. Tonight, A-mei paid tribute to her late friend and teacher, Chang Yusheng (張雨生). Towards the end of the concert, flags of 6-colour rainbows flashed across the coliseum. Many fans of A-mei were from the LGBT community and she advocated equality in love amongst mankind.

This was exactly what we needed on a gloomy cold rainy Saturday night! Thanks A-mei for all the soulful ballads and powerful dance hits! Worth every second of my life just to be part of tonight’s performance! Truly unforgettable!

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