Back to Escape-Room II (密室逃脫遊戲 – Hong Kong)

After our embarrassing lucky escape last Sunday, we teleported ourselves back to the mysterious old school this afternoon to solve the other puzzle rooms. This time, we brought Felicia (the one who started all these) and 6 new young hopeful Hong Kong detectives (Chowpo, Alan, Susanna, Ansel, Chris and Kelly) to help us solve the codes.

We were ambitious and decided to conquer 2 highly-challenging rooms. I thought more brains = bigger victory. I was wrong. We barely survived the first room (Art Room) and the entire team was hopelessly stranded in the second room (Science Laboratory). In the end, Ansel and daddy escaped the room in the most unconventional manner – 4-year-old Ansel called for a urgent natural break 10 seconds before the clock stopped.

Despite another fruitless week of margin wins and shameful defeats, we had lots of fun. It was a good first-experience for many of us. Felicia and I didn’t take part in the second room. We were watching the team on the CCTV outside the room. It was hilarious watching their behaviours and helplessness. Elkan and Ansel were the “alternative keys” to get the adults out of the rooms. For some strange reasons, Kelly looked like a haunted lady in the room. Eerie…

Thanks to the helpers at the mysterious school for explaining the codes to us. And thanks for allowing me to take so many nice pictures inside the school. For those who are interested to visit the “school”, here is the address: The Truth Gaming Room 1, 20/F, Win Century Centre, 2A Mong Kok Road. Call the helpers at +852 5597 8250 before you pop by. Just in case there is no one to help you to unlock the doors at ghostly hours.

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