The Real-life Escape-Room Game (密室逃脫遊戲 – Hong Kong)

Felicia dared recommended us to take part in this fairly new game concept – “Real-life Escape Room (密室逃脫遊戲)”. It is like playing a board-game except this time we are playing real-life in a locked room. This is an awesome experience for those who love to decode clues and solve puzzles. Of course, you be surprised to witness the best and worst sides of your friends / comrades in such pressurising scenario. This game-concept is gaining popularity in many Asian cities including Japan, China and even Singapore. According to Felicia, it has been around for almost a year.

For my birthday treat, Tracy brought us to an industrial complex in Mongkok where it hosts the “Real-life Escape Room Game”. We paid about HKD100/person to play the game. The objective is simple – find the clues and unlock the door to escape. Think “Prison Break” and play Sherlock Holmes for a moment to test your wit or stupidity.

The plot was creepy. We were “teleported” to a school compound where there were 4 different rooms – the classroom, the science room, the geography room and the art-room. We chose the “classroom” – a very dim and eerie looking classroom with old textbooks and furnitures. There, we were locked for 50 minutes to search for clues to unlock the door. It wasn’t easy at all. We have to be calm to observe and analyse the surroundings. There was no instruction or starting clue to lead us to solve the mystery. Like true detectives, we have to search for tools and clues to unlock the door. We soon found touch-lights and a couple of torn papers with strange scribblings. From there, one clue led to another. Out of desperation, we used wit and creative more than wisdom to solve the puzzle. Through sheer luck and some “muscles” , we managed to unlock the door 5 minutes before the time ran out.

Our results? We didn’t do very well. We were unable to detect some critical clues. Still, we managed to sniff out the logic and found other creative ways to locate the key. Despite our panic mode, it was a very enjoyable experience for all of us. The game and its settings (props, clues) were very well designed. It is pretty addictive and we have made plans to come back next Sunday to conquer the other 3 mysterious rooms. Check out the weblink: and video below. Enjoy!

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