Wish you can read this.

Wish you can see this.
The great assembly of your loved ones.
Your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.
Your siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.
Your friends and neighbors.
We are all here by your side.

Wish you can hear this.
Your loved ones calling out to you.
In tears and joys.
Our deepest gratitude and respect.
Reminiscing our good times with you.

Wish you know this.
The unity of your dividing family.
The deep love we have for you.
Your triumphs. Our celebrations.
For the great legacy you left behind.
Your words, your spirit. Your kindness. Your strength.
Lives on forever in our hearts.

Wish you can be here.
To cook our favorite Chinese New Year dishes.
To spend time with our children like the old days when you cared for us.
To remind us to be good and live a good life like you did.
To let us celebrate your birthday once more.
To keep this big family intact.

Wish you can forgive me.
For being late to say goodbye.

For not being with you at your final hour.
For not telling you how much I love you.


(4th JUNE – 5th JUNE 2012 – Over the weekend, I was very worried for my granny. Desperate and despair, I took a night flight out of Hong Kong to Singapore on Monday. The next morning, Felicia, Elkan and I boarded the first bus to Muar, Malaysia. We were on our way in when Felicia answered a call. Her expression told me everything I need to know. Auntie Amy was on the other side of the line. Felicia handed me the phone. My heart sank. I was late for my granny. 3 hours late. My hopes to see her one last time were shattered. It was a dreadful and painful slow ride to Muar. Tears rolled down my cheeks. I sat quietly alone, trying to hide my emotions from my little boy. Elkan was the antidote to our sadness. He kept us distracted with his sunny smiles and hugs. Goodbye Popo. Thanks for hanging on for me. Sorry I was late. )

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