Back to Monkey Hill 2

My wife and boy were in town for a week. We didn’t go anywhere as I was down with sickness at home. Weather was haywire too. Last week, temperature dropped from 25 to 11 degrees. Most of the time, it was gloomy and wet. There were many places I planned to bring them (like watching the circus at Macau, theme-park at Shenzhen and a short weekend trip to Xiamen), guess we have to postpone these for the next trip.  Being bored at home, our little monkey, Elkan was pestering us to bring him out. We went hiking at the Monkey Hill.

Elkan wasn’t happy when we told him we wanted to set him free at his new home. He didn’t really like the monkeys (well, I don’t think the monkeys like him too!) We took the forest trail. Crossing dams and streams, this was quite a pleasant hike. The forest floor was littered with red brown leaves and mini mushrooms… it felt like an enchanted forest. So cozy Autumn.

One Response to Back to Monkey Hill 2

  1. Amy says:

    Hi Joe,
    Luckily u did not go to XM coz Leon is away in LA ( coy exhibition ) since 14th Mar and will be back in XM this coming Wed.

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