Those Grey Days

Feb marked an unusual big void in my blog-world. For weeks, I was disconnected from my world, my family and friends. No mood for world affairs, movies, concerts, new gadgets and hiking. I have been away from my blog for almost a month. It is the longest absence ever. Life at work has been extremely hectic. I spent my precious wee hours and weekends at work, leaving me so little time to capture the few beautiful moments in my life. Guess this is going to be the norm for another 2-3 months ahead. (Don’t worry, mum, I am still eating and living well!)

Fortunately, my brothers and family were in town. They left some colours in my boring grey days. Over the last 4 weeks, I met Jimmy, Francis, Gareth, Meijie, Felicia and Elkan – separately at different timing. Work took a great deal of time and passion away from me. I hardly touch my Canon camera. I guess my brothers and family were a little disappointed that I gave their visits so little coverage.

The lousy “cold-wet-hot” weather in Hong Kong has been unkind to me too. I was down with a lousy flu/fever/cough/diarrhea combo for almost 10 days. Thankfully, Meijie, Felicia and Elkan were around to take care of me. I was quite dazed for most of the time during their stay. I realised my mood does make a difference in their lives. When I was down, everyone around me was so quiet and listless. The whole household became so “dim and grey”. Food was tasteless, good music became toneless and no activity can cheer us up. It was like going thru a lousy depression. Poor Meijie and Felicia, what a terrible period to visit me. (Surely, this is no mid-life crisis yet).

Finally, we managed to see some sunlight today. Weather is getting better. Just wish to fast-forward my days quickly so I can spend better times in May and June with my boy.

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