15-hour ride to Gold Coast

15 hours. This is my longest bus ride ever. I am certainly not looking forward to the return bus ride back to Sydney. It is the most uncomfortable traveling experience for me – both mentally and physically.  The rain was pouring heavily last night and the bumpy ride made it difficult for me to sleep. I wasn’t even sure if I did sleep the entire journey. I kept waking up every 30-40 minutes to adjust my body and neck. (Elkan was the only person who slept peacefully throughout.) Despite the torture, I was impressed by the the two old bus drivers (in their late 50s or early 60s). Each driver drove 7-hour straight with only 2 short breaks in between. Incredible stamina and mental strength!

(Photo Below: 2am at “Bacon & Eggs” bus depot – Meijie was not happy with his supper after he saw what I got – big breakfast. Elkan slept with his eye-mask. Tracy all wrapped up in the cold. Greyhound – the name of the bus company.)

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