Spirit of Fight

Another great work produced by Singapore’s very own Bettermen, Randy Ang. Since he started his first short film back in 2005, Randy and friends have directed and produced many remarkable works. Shot in 2 days (excellent castings and editing), his latest work (shot using Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Canon EOS 7D and Panasonic AG3D-A1) is a test shoot shot ahead of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) feature film “Spirit of Fight” in tribute to the 70th Birth Anniversary of one of the greatest martial artist known the world over – Bruce Lee.

“Spirit of Fight” will only be in production in 2011. Footage here will not be seen in the actual feature film. The story follows JIN – starring Danny Chan 陳國坤(陈国坤) – a martial artist who yearns to fight in a MMA arena. Learning from both victory and defeat; he learns to exceed himself and truly understand the meaning of the Spirit of Fight.

Bruce Lee and its related entities are the copyright of Bruce Lee Enterprises. SPIRIT OF FIGHT is the copyright of Red Horse Entertainment Ltd and Bettermen Asia Pte Ltd.

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