A Day @ Po Toi Island

The cool season is here. Blue sky, warm sun and cool breeze. This is the perfect time to go trekking and island-hopping. We decided to explore Po Toi Island today.

Po Toi Island (located south of Stanley) is a pretty quiet place – ideal for those who love wilderness and nature. We took a 20-minute ferry (HKD40 Return) from Blake’s Pier (at Stanley Market). The island houses a very small population so do not expect a lot of shops and restaurants like the Tai-O or Cheung Chau Island. There is a seafood restaurant near the pier but it closes at 5:30pm. It is advisable to bring your own snacks and drinks for I didn’t see any drink stalls on the island. There is no road signs inland to guide you where to go. We have to explore our way to find the hiking tracks.

According to the websites, Po Toi is more well known for its 2000-year old wall cravings, rock formations and haunted house. Like other ancient wall cravings in Hong Kong, these monuments are usually very small and faint. No one knows exactly who made these cravings and why. The hiking tracks are narrow, rugged and “wild”. It seems like very few visitors come here to hike. Tall grasses overgrown on both sides of the tracks. I have to use a bamboo stick to “open” the path ahead. We didn’t have time to explore the entire island as the last ferry leaves at 6pm. Elkan was disappointed that he didn’t do much “rock-climbing”. Well, at least the sunset view was breathtakingly beautiful.

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