Farewell on a Full-Moon Night

While many were celebrating reunions on this festive day, we were bidding farewell to our good Malaysian friends – the Ho Family. In less than 1 week’s time, the Ho Family will leave us, starting their new chapter in Singapore. This is just one of the many departures we will see in the coming 6 months.

The clan planned a twisted Mid-Autum Farewell Party for the HOs tonight. No tear-jerking moment or sad goodbye.  Since the HOs have decided to forsake us…we wanted to "punish" them with an unforgettable farewell! Lucky for Sherry who didn’t make it to our party, poor Hongfei had to go through 3 hours of endless unimaginable tortures and abuses. We defaced him, choked him and intoxicated him. Check out the photos!

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