A Dazzling Jay’s Night!

Attending Jay Chou’s concert is like taking a good roller-coaster ride.
You leave his concert feeling high and wishing for more. Good suspense in the beginning, well-paced (the highs and lows), brilliant visual effects and lots of screaming throughout the entire show. Jay threw a spectacular 2.5-hour concert! (Encore 3 times + 2 grand finales!) Felicia and I had such a great night! (Despite the awfully wet and cold night!)

While Jay overwhelmed his audience with super-sharp giant LCD walls, 3D animations, pyrotechnics and expensive hologram effects, Jay did put in extra effort and energy to connect with his audience. He offered a new routine every night, changed his lyrics (for the Hong Kong audience) and even attempted to tease them with his amateurish Cantonese. Throughout the entire concert, Jay displayed his signature “yaya” moves / poses…but there is still a “down-to-earth” boy in him somewhere. Jay paid special tribute to his doting mum and granny (who faithfully sat through all his Hong Kong concerts). Not forgetting the respect he gave to the senior singers/actors (Jacky Cheung, Eric Tsang) and good friends who he invited to his shows.

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