Outta of My Windows

After 3 years of adopting my 1st Apple product (the iPhone), it finally converted my entire household to its cult. From Mac Air to Mac Book and now iMac (soon – iPad) , our entire family is now 90% Apple-wired.

What happened to our PCs? I have given up hope on Microsoft OS. After the failure of VISTA, the people at Microsoft failed to build an user-friendly interface for its users. True to its brand name "Windows", the OS does nothing but popping up numerous useless windows. It was a frustrating experience. There were just too much "procedures" to get from Point A to Point B. (Seriously, Microsoft should just fire all their research / product team!) The worst and most unacceptable activities were the endless updates, patches that we have to download to "cover Windows’ weakness". My god, I didn’t pay for WIFI just to download Microsoft’s leaking security. And the more updates I downloaded, the slower my PC became.

PC viruses were the main reason why I decided to shut the Windows for good. <Again, why do we need to pay for Antivirus software just to protect a lousy product?) Last week, a really bad virus slipped into my system and deleted 80% of my files! (All my photos and personal files were gone! Good thing I did a back-up in Jan 2010.)

Finally, after more than 20 years of usage (since Windows 3.0), I decided to give it all up. Dun get me wrong – the hardware guys did a fantastic job but the soul inside needs a big revamp. Why can’t Microsoft produce simple solutions for its OS – like what they did for their own MSN Messengers and Windows Spaces. Ever since the launch of shitty Version 97, Windows wasn’t the right OS for me anymore – I have no more tolerance and patience to handle another 10 years of crap. I need something more friendly and reliable. (Despite my hatred for the OS, I still have to face it at work everyday.)

Certainly for now (at home), I choose to take the forbidden fruit – The Apple. I have no room for Windows now. Felicia was right. 3 years ago when I got my Apple iPhone, she said it will slowly convert me 100% to Mac. Yes, once you gone Mac, you will not come back. For that record, I need not to click START to SHUT-DOWN my computer.

Learn from a small company, big Ass! Get outta of the Windows!

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