A Not-so-Good Sat Night

We had a lousy and unlucky Sat evening – Every thing seems to be so so wrong. First, we travelled all the way (from east to west) to Western Market and found out that the restuarant that we wanted to dine was booked for a wedding dinner. We ended up eating Cha-Chan-Ting opposite the street. Then at 8:50pm, we rushed to the bay to catch the "East Asia Games Opening Ceremony Fireworks". Scott was confidently leading the way and we found out that we mixed up the timing! The fireworks supposed to go off at 8pm! What a shame! We laughed at Scott’s silly mistake for misleading us <again!>!

Next, Tracy suddenly made a panic annoucement to the group – SHE dropped her iphone! Just when we decided to go back to trace her iPhone at the HK Cafe, the first firework exploded in the sky! The fireworks were back!??? (Scott was right???) Puzzled and confused, the team dashed for the bay to catch the fireworks. Tracy and I decided to give the fireworks a miss and we headed back to the HK Cafe. The verdict – her iPhone is gone forever…

The group decided to chill out at the roof garden at IFC. Great place but lousy period for everyone – except the Ho Family. Scott was moody and confused about his new girl. Harshad was still suffering from his hangover. Elkan was upset that he couldn’t play PS3 with his favourite Indian buddy. I was feeling so tired and disappointed for missing that firework show. And Tracy was so sad about her missing iPhone.

Well, at least we managed to pose some good happy shots for my blog.  

One Response to A Not-so-Good Sat Night

  1. mok says:

    hey, your son looks so mischievous – like father like son:)

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