Zach Day

I was crossing China-HK Custom when Juliana spoke to me in her usual loud voice. Just 10 seconds ago, Felicia delivered the good news to me – Zach is out! Trust me, she didn’t sound like a woman who have just gave birth. She was in her usual tone and manner – "Yeeehheeee, yalor…me just gave birth!" My goodness, it is either giving birth is becoming effortless these days or Juli was still high on "coke"? 

Zach arrived 3 hours before Felicia’s flight to HK on 22nd May 2009 (my favourite number!) I have no luck with Zach – I was in Singapore for 11 days and Juli was still belly-sitting him around! I even tried to create a "panic" to get Zach popped out by "accidentally" spilled a full cup of Iced Milo over Juli. (Trust me, it is a myth that pregnant woman is slow in reaction. You should see how lightning fast Juli reacted in that spilt nano-second to avoid the oncoming Milo!)

Congrats to both King Duuk and Queen Juli. From the photo, I am sure you have an adorable and active prince. He will be as witty and wise like his dad and as authorative like his mum. Haaaa.. I better count my blessings in the coming days – Juli will be back to her "Aiyoh!" snaps once again! I have been poking really bad jokes on her since she sported that belly! 

Have fun with parenthood!

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