One less telephone number

Recently, I found about the death of 2 of my old friends. One was a primary school friend and the other a business associate. Both died young – and lost their fight against cancers. Over the last 3 years, I have heard and seen so many young friends dying, departing suddenly. I just can’t help but accepted the cruel fate of life.
All the time, I miss my family and friends a lot. I just cannot imagine not be able to hear their voice or see them again. No matter how much I hate it, there will be another time when some one I love had to leave me for good. My family and friends can only accompany me this much. Death can take a man away physically.. but it cannot erase the memory and feelings inside. And that is what causing the pain – the beautiful memory of a face or an affection.

I am always there for my family. I was there when Elkan was borned. I was there by his side when he slept. And I was there beside him when he woke up. I was there whenever my darling needed a hug. Of course, I know I won’t be there when one of us completes his/her journey. And I won’t be there to whisper goodbye to him/her. Same things about our parents, we can never be there with them throughout their entire lifetime.. but only lovingly with them towards the end of their journey.

Life is such a Gift. Be it good or bad, every second of being alive is just such a great feeling. No matter how long or short one’s life is, it is always sad to end the journey and leave our loved ones behind. Our passion to live after death is so strong. Faithfully I prayed – may there be life after death.

Perhaps, I just hate to be reminded of this very basic fact. "We are borned to die" (a phase I remember from Sam). And a collection of memories can be so beautiful yet sad. Yes, I do cherish everything I have in my life. Every second of it. And every thing I do.

Perhaps it is a good time to release my mind from thinking what I want to do for my work. But more of what I want to do with my own family. (One hour OT per day is about 15 good days a year!) I can write a long list of bucket list but it is best to do it with the ones I love. Before cancer knocks on one of our doors. And before we close our eyes forever.

Death is a good reminder how short our lives are. And how fragile it can be. Let’s find the joys in our lives.

Before another good name and number is erased off my phone for good.

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