GOD’s Result is Out! It is ZECHARIAH!

Zachariah or Zechariah – it is a hebrew biblical name meaning "The Lord has Recalled". And yes, it is a boy’s name. (And I am sure many have problem calling this name. It is pronounced zak-a-RYE-ah). For new uncles and aunties, please click here to listen to the pronunication. Maybe a shorter nick would be good.. like Rayah, Zekah etc.

After more than 3 months of waiting, Duuk and Juli fulfilled the 1st 2009’s Want! Juli texted us the results yesterday! Urghh.. I lost SGD50! (Man, guess the old wives’ tales are wrong or Juli is certainly putting lots of fats around her waist!) Anyway, I am extremely happy for them! And yes, thanks for making your pregnancy so exciting and fun for the clan!

2 Responses to GOD’s Result is Out! It is ZECHARIAH!

  1. Unknown says:

    Hey Juli & Duuk, may want to consider Zachary. It has the same meaningful brand story and yet is easier to pronounce…. a brand that cannot be pronounced cannot be remembered.

  2. Stella says:

    hmm..rayah sound abit malay..maybe Zekah in short is much betta.. 😉 thanks for sharing.. 🙂 Gos Bless Stella

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