A weekend of Singapore Visitors!

What an amazing and lively weekend! 4 special guests turned up in Hong Kong this week – Francis Goh (my ex-VOXmedia colleauge), Yiyi (Scott’s darling), Hong Ai (my Shanghai neighbour) and Charlyn Ding (my ex-BAT client). I was so excited over the last week – when all of them messaged me about their arrivals. You see.. they came from north and south – Singapore, Shanghai and Beijing. Haaa.. I did troubled a couple of them to bring me something…

From Singapore, Yiyi brought me my favourite 8-days and Playeur magazines! And from Shanghai, Hong Ai got me my most-missed Xbox games! Lucky for Francis, there is nothing I want from Beijing. On second thought, I should have asked for those roadside DVDs.

For the past 2 days – it was non-stop feasting great HK food, intense shopping, blog-snapping and singing karaoke! Suddenly, it felt like pre-CNY reunion gatherings, these Singaporean friends brought so much joys to my family! Well… I never had enough – I am expecting and looking forward to new guests in Feb! (Hope they are kind to bring me more goodies! Durian-transporter, anyone?)

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