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Another very happy-go-maken home trip indeed. Met all my buddies and my lovely families. As usual, the gatherings were short, food-filling and "rushy" (Stella, Uncle Asty, Chester and my dad had to rush off somewhere) – but I am happy – at least I managed to gather all my families and friends together. The warm welcome and friendly transports (by Uncle Benny, Jimmy, Scott, Duuk and Gareth) justified why I still haven’t got my driving licence. I am so spoilt by their pamperings and hospitalities. (Of course, Lightbulb Meijie is not happy being stuck with us on "Exile Island"… but I got him an early Xmas gift!)

Didn’t do much shopping or karaoke – cos’ Mummy Juli gets tired easily and my pocket was burnt after paying extra $300 for a video camera that I should buy in Hong Kong. (Damn it, I say – I should have come back to HK to buy – I am sure Meijie and my dear wife are shaking their heads now). Wanted to spend a good weekend on Sentosa – sunbathing or babe-watching – but in the end, the group of us hid under a shady hut, drinking cocktails, watching Lao Chiow Bu-s. And in the evening, I wanted to see musical fountain – but can’t fight the temptation of local food – we had nice, oily sinful carrot cakes and fried noodles at Zion Road. (Surely I can afford to eat more – cos’ a recent test revealed that Gareth is 89kg, Jimmy 86kg and I am slightly over 85kg – the lightest amongst the heavy-weights! Surely, Duuk is heavier than me cos Juli always threw her weight around on him!)

For 2 nights, I slept at 3am – we were the only clubees at OneDegree15. Yixi, Lusia, Scott, Kalinda, Jimmy, Duuk and Juliana were there with me on 2 seperate nights – drinking and eating fried suppers! Yifu supposed to join us – but laziness got into his way – next time, got to lure him with Gareth‘s hot and spicy harddisk – that is perhaps the only goodies he is after. And Joanne – only my mother asked for her – and I was told that she went to Phuket for a "inter-transmission". Mmm… Jimmy and Serene should plan one soon.

The happiest of all should be Elkan and Qiqi (and Felicia, haa..she is FREE). The 2 kids finally met again after their last heart-breaking farewell in Hong Kong. Within seconds, two of them were back to their best acts – terrorising their poor grannies and parents. What can I say – they (old folks) asked for it! Sigh, no gain, no pain, huh? Wondered why they are still requesting for more? 

p/s (Thanks Kalinda for your sweet CD… I am enjoying it right now. Hope you are making my Xmas Gift right now. Chups, you look prettier with the extra weight. Sister Jovel, get well soon, did you passed Elkan the sore eyes? Aunt Amy, made up your mind for CNY? Oh yes, must stresssed this point – I am actually lighter than Jimmy and Gareth!)

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