The Biggest Buddha in the World

Finally, after more than 2 years of "procastination", we finally made our way to see the world largest outdoor Buddha 天壇大佛 (at Lantau Island). Together with my in-laws, Felicia, Elkan and Tracy, we took a 2-hour journey (ferry and bus) to this holy-cum-touristy site. It is a very worthwhile trip – and for the 1st time ever, it is the destination that matters (not the journey). In fact, my new exciting journey of discovery begins at the destination.

The buddha walk isn’t as tiring as those steps we took at Batu Cave. At 268 steps – it is quite okay to cope. More than just the home of the world’s largest Buddha (to be honest, it is not as big as it sounded), this place offers lots of hiking sites and beautiful sceneries. Quiet, peaceful and untouched, it reminded me of those hiking trips Felicia and I took back in Perth. Gentle hills, rocky terrains, isolated walks and accessible tracks – the long tiring walks were very rewarding. It was getting late (and with 2 old folks and 1 cranky baby – Elkan fell and cut his elbows), we have to cut short our exploration and headed back to civilisation.

It was a very very good trip. There are so much more to do and explore on these satelite islands. With bad times brewing ahead, perhaps it is the best time for nature therapy, less retail.

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