Bye Stella


TO STELLA – Silently you came and quietly you left. All alone and very independent. Just days before your trip, your sister was so afraid that you be lost. She said this is the first time you fly solo and was worried you lost your way. I guess sometimes it is fun to travel alone. You get to enjoy a different kind of journey, in your own personal space and world. Looking and observing things in your own perspective.

Small little things you did during your trip left a deep impression in me. Still remember that first second you stood by our door – Elkan yelled and jumped… You concealed your emotion and gave my little boy a big tight hug. When he ran off, I saw the redness in your eyes. Wiping your tears away briskly, you adjusted yourself fast and stepped into the house. I was touched…really. Guess you love and miss my little boy more than we ever knew.

During your stay, we were pretty worried that you be bored. Shopping and bargaining may not be your favourite activities. Still, you tagged along with your old folks. Throughout their shopping spree, you baby-sit my little monster. Even when he accidently gave you that hard punch on your lips, you didn’t even flare at him. Really, you dote on him so so much.

Happy that you spent good personal moments with Elkan at the Disneyland. And happy to know that my boy misses you as much.
Today, we said bye to your mum and aunt (who flew to Taipei)… Elkan cried so badly at the train station. Felicia, Elkan and I stood in front of you, waving goodbye to your mum and aunt. You were standing at the back quietly. From the distance, I saw the same redness in your eyes. And your heart full of affection and love. Yes, it is hard to say goodbye. Or perhaps, it is easy to be misunderstood at times.
So you flew. On your lonely trip back home. Hope you enjoy this short 5-day stay, with Elkan and your family.
Thanks for coming here for his 4th birthday. I am sure he appreciates and enjoy your presence too. (Yes…he always ask for you!)
Stay happy and cheerful. And perhaps it is also time to find yourself a good life-travel mate.
Take care, my friend. Come back soon.

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