Elkan’s 4th Birthday

My little monster turns 4 today – in the company of his favourite "porpor" and "shanshan yiyi". For some strange twists of fate – this was the 2nd time Elkan celebrated his birthday in Hong Kong (See blog dated 17th Oct 2007: http://wahbiang.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!F1900AAD73568D14!2195.entry) Guess this would be his 1st most grand overseas birthday – and one that he would have memories of.

It was a long and eventful day for Elkan! You cannot imagine how our day went..


I took leave today to attend Elkan’s birthday party at school (organised by his play-school). Things weren’t going smoothly as what we wanted. The party had just started and poor Elkan cried + vomitted in front of his class. (okay, that wasn’t cool at all…) His teachers were shocked and rushed to assist him. Elkan just kept crying and crying. Afterall, he was one of the 3 birthday stars today and he was kinda out of tune. Or what a smart way to get attention. All his classmates were staring at him…

The children went outdoor, played games and sang songs. Felicia and I (plus 3 other parents) joined them. We then came back to the classroom to celebrate birthday for the "October Kids". Elkan was lucky as today’s his actual birthday. So, the 3 October birthday boys stood by the big birthday cake. His classmates sang birthday song and the birthday boys cut the cake together. Guess what? Within seconds after eating his birthday cake, Elkan cried again and ran to the trash bag to vomit. (Okay…another commotion in the class).. He kinda ruined his own morning party, I thought.

Guess what, 2 pretty girls came up to Elkan and comforted him. (Wow…how charming he is). One pretty Indian and one demure Japanese girl. Mmm… my boy is pretty popular in his class. Check out his "girlfriends"!


Stella (our 20th Visitor) flew in this afternoon and arrived at our house at 1pm. Elkan opened the door and was very happy to see his old "ShanShan Yiyi". He jumped and screamed when he saw Stella. However. his true colour revealed 5 seconds later. What a big contrast to his earlier affection – "Yiyi, where is my cashbox toy? huh…what? You didn’t bring it over??? Ai yah…" He whined out loud, pout his lips and walked away. (Spoilt Brat!)

Just then, his favourite "Uncle Leon" called from Xiamen to wish him "Happy Birthday". I have no idea what 2 of them were chatting… haaa…just got a feeling they were both in their own chicken and duck conversation.

At 1:30pm, we went out for a quick dim-sum lunch opposite my house. Elkan wasn’t feeling very well. He had a slight fever. So, we decided to let him take an afternoon nap (while the ladies went out shopping).

Elkan slept until 5pm and woke up crying. He walked to the toilet and started vomitting (again!). I took his temperature – my gosh – it was a high 38.3 degrees! Felicia, Porpor and I walked him to the nearby clinic. (Of course, another drama took place inside the clinic – you know how hostile Elkan can be towards the doctor or nurse)


After a couple of "cold-showers" and medications, Elkan’s fever came down at around 7pm. We decided to go out to celebrate his birthday. We then picked up Tracy from the office and headed for the peak. By then, Elkan had fully recovered – he was yelling, running and screaming like normal.

Dinner was great… and Elkan had his 2nd birthday cake of the day. Porpor handed him a couple of hongbaos (from my mum and Aunty Amy) plus 2 presents (and a hand-drawn card) from my sister and Qiqi. (Qiqi even called to say hi!) Next, he opened 3 big presents from his old Daddy, Mummy and Auntie Baybay. And those were his "most-wanted" gifts – gems that he has been eyeing for months!

This must be Elkan’s most dramatic and happiest birthday! (He even got an Hongbao from my colleague, Alice!) For me, it was eventful and tiring. It is certainly good to be Elkan – he has nothing to worry about. Right now, he has his big present sleeping right beside him. Tonight was his first night sleeping with his favourite porpor. For me, it was my 1st night sleeping outside in the living room. (and many nights more to go…)

2 Responses to Elkan’s 4th Birthday

  1. Big says:

    Calvin, Calvin… Yes… you remember those disgusting feats Elkan did… Haaaa… Brace yourself, your new "november gift" is coming soon.  

  2. Calvin says:

    No wander you didn’t pick up my calling yesterday. But no worries, I’ve talked to Alice already.
    Pls bring my greeting to your pretty son. So lovely a Libran boy! (me 2 🙂 Hope he won’t be vomitting any more. You’d better to watch out it carefully. Last time, I remebered, he vomitted after he run around several circles in our office lobby in June, or July..

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