Francis’s New Girlfriend

Can’t remember how many "girlfriends" Francis Chay has ridden. But this new silver babe is his latest toy (His 6th).
Sitting beside his new convertible is his 6-month old 5-Series BMW (who lost her ass to some broke nut just a few weeks ago)
Where is he favourite lass, WRX? Francis "configured" her so much that she became an unstable and crazy machine. He has since "dumped" her.

3 Responses to Francis’s New Girlfriend

  1. chay says:

    To groom my jap girl friend to a super model just needs too much time and cash hence the external factor is not helping and i am getting old and the China mechanics are really lousy, so that sometime i think i should open my own workshop or own school.
    Besides driving the souped up japs have leave life a little meaningless not able to find real competition. so i think the 1.6 turbo charged french is more then enough for most here. So i grab a french for the little running around while i keep a look out for the next monster in the pot.
    The french name "Seven" as she is a real jackpot as her number plate is 777

  2. Big says:

    My Chay…now you put in the real reasons for your new toy. Need me to do a little spying to expose your topless french. Great comment, as usual! Yeah… I like double "Cs". Maybe you should just give your French girl a name – like men do to their own yatch.

  3. chay says:

    Well i have just dumped the hot steamy japanese (wrx) for this new sexy topless french(207cc).  Well as the japanese is asking for too much time and commitment so cant help it but to leave her.

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