At the Peak with Eric

Eric Goh called me 3 weeks ago when he first arrived in Hong Kong. But due to my travels, we were unable to meet each other. Finally on 1st October (China National Day), we got to meet up for dinner at the Peak. Meeting Eric was great – he is still as candid as before. Still maintaining his nice bod, slim and arty. Spot a little goatie, it is very easy to recognise this old friend. I think the last time we met was like 6-7 years back. Really happy to see him here…and hopefully, he can get his lovey over soon.
We chose a really lousy timing to dine at the Peak. It was quite a nightmare up there – there were so many people – I was so worried that there may be a "human-slide". We joined the thousands in their fireworks celebration (only to find out that the Peak ísn’t the best place to watch the fireworks – actually, our view was blocked by a big tree!)
The worst was the way home – After the firework, thousands of people were trying to get their way down. I even got into a little "verbal fight" with a dumb HK policeman. Man, he has one rude and ugly f**king attitude. Guess when you speak Chinese in HK, they took you as some 2nd-class mainlander. And seriously, I really hate it when he yell at me in some f**k-up cantonese. In the end, the policeman spilt us….and I made my way home seperately (leaving Feli and Elkan with Eric and Tracy). It was just so damn frustrating at the end.

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