6 Days in Taiwan

Over the last 6 days, life was extremely hectic but fulfilling in Taipei. I had both extremes (hard work and good times). I woke up everyday at 5:00am and arrived at Taipei Airport minutes before 7am. Yes, it was "Mission Impossible" but my good team mates in Taipei saved my days. After 6 long days, the project is finally delivered – accomplished with distinction! I was the last one to leave Taipei this afternoon. I came back to Hong Kong with great relief and satisfaction. "Yes! Another gold for the agency!"

Made many Taiwanese friends this trip. And
they are extremely friendly. (Oh dear, I can’t believe I am saying
that!) Even my limo-driver (hotel-airport transfer) insisted to buy me lunch and beer! My Taizhong supplier not only introduced his wife and in-laws to me and also offered to be my tour guide to "anywhere I want to go"! The
beautiful models I worked with were so sweet, sincere and warm! Gosh… the
"kampong spirit" is so strong here! Every night when I took taxi out for dinner, I met and chatted with different personalities. The cabbies were so candid and open about their lives – one even wet his eyes and poured out his sad stories to me last night!

Sadly, I was stranded at the
airport all the time and didn’t really tour much – but managed to
squeeze out a couple of hours in the last 2 days for some
"shutterbug" snapping. (Blurrrp! Taiwan food + mei mei are so so nice!) Yes, I love Taipei!

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