Bad Celebrities of Asia

What is so damn wrong about East Asia? Why are we seeing the same kind of news lately? Ex-leaders facing charges of corruption…leaders who quitted under pressure…and leaders who rally no support in their own yard.

Leaders of today do not wage war (over land, gold or women) with others. They come with a different set of skills. Leaders today are excellent PR artists, distractors and enterprising masters who engineer perceptions and realities into their people’s heads. They control our minds with scary thoughts of "terrorisms", "viruses" and now "green-house effects". Leaders who are unable to sponsor the rising oil prices are now promoting their citizens to go green. Leaders who want to rally their people’s support – create fires in their own yard. Leaders who want to distract, turn their people’s attention into neighboring woes and sad stories. Leaders who want to look good only publish unimportant worldy news as headlines on their own newspapers. The good news often belong to themselves while the bad ones are often on others.

This is the generation of information-savvy leaders. They are publicists. They are super businessmen who know how to crack the code without being caught. They helped a couple of poor people to glorify and justify their existence. They said they are the core of the balance yet they are also the one who can bring chaos if they are to be displaced. They have friends in the military who can take any good opposition down without any hesitation. They are the new law.

Under such turmoils (shift of power, economical downturns, terrorist threats & rising oil prices), how can the people in Asia prosper and progress? Or is this a trend of leadership for the new century? Or worse, these unlucky bad leaders are just the "tip of a massive ice berg"?

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