The Last Day of CNY

Being away for 23 days, I managed to return home to enjoy the last day of CNY in Shanghai. There were fireworks everywhere. And for that spilt moment, I thought I was back in my army days (jungle training). There were bangs, flares, sparks and explosions at every corner. For the whole night, you could hear explosions right beside your ears. Fire-crackers on the streets stopped traffic. The whole night sky is lit with beautiful fireworks.

I had my last CNY dinner (Guangzhou food) with Johnny and his friends. Later that night, we went to Johnny’s place and we ignited 3 barrels of fireworks – right in the middle of his estate compound. It was huge and loud! This is something you cannot do in Shanghai city (except during CNY). Simultaneously, there were other fireworks igniting in the background – man, a mass orgy of sparks and bangs! Sounds like I am in the middle of live-firing.

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