My new MBA – MacBook Air

Finally, after more than 6 weeks of waiting, I was amongst the first 10 lucky owners of the new "MBA" (MacBook Air) in Asia Pacific! Exclusively first launched (last week) in Hong Kong and Singapore, I got my MBA on the 1st day it arrived at the shop! Beautifully sexy, basic and intelligent. (And I would say it is the next best MAC offering after iPhone! Ever since iMac brought Apple from its ashes 10 years ago, Steve has done everything possibly right!)

It isn’t a performance laptop like MBPro but this is a big show-off for any presentation. It doesn’t come with a super-drive or ethernet port. No firewire slot and the battery is built-in (like iPhone). Nevertheless, this is what I call a "PC-killer", a "MAC-convertor". Compare with Sony’s TZ 11-inch compact laptop, the MBA is a far impressive one. It is affordable (at S$2,988 – S$11 cheaper than Sony) and visually stunning. It has that "I want to own and touch it factor". Weighing 1.3kg, incredibly 1.9cm thick, seriously, it is not really a blue-sky creation – why didn’t the PC makers (Jap brands) produce something so simple and nice? It is a smooth-seller. I am sure there are a lot of conversion to Mac platform right now.

Man, dun I love gadgets! Felicia is right when I got my iPhone. She predicted that I will be converting to Mac soon. My wife is absolutely right – "Once you go Mac, you never turn back."

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