A happy and foggy dreamy birthday

Elkan was jumping on the bed. Felicia went and picked up 2 wrapped gifts from the living room. Tracy was “preparing” something in the kitchen. Me? I was arguing with Elkan on the actual timing.

It was the eve of Felicia’s birthday. 2 mins to 12am, 7th Jan. Felicia showed me a e-Greeting photo done by Joanne on Facebook. Elkan was singing his own version of Happy Birthday. I told him that it wasn’t 12am yet, he pointed to the super-fast clock in my bedroom and he was right – it showed 12:10am.

I dragged Felicia and Elkan out to the living room. Tracy came out just in time – with a cake on her hand – singing happy birthday. There were only 2 candles (double 3) on the cholocate cake – that excite Elkan – who couldn’t wait to blow out the candles. We had the usual cake-cutting and gift-opening. 4 good gifts on the first hour of her big day. (From Meiling, Tracy, Jovel and me!)

It was a very foggy day. I would say it was the most foggy day I ever see in Shanghai. It was like walking on clouds. Low clouds, super foggy and magical. Felicia received a mystery flowers from an unknown sender. Tracy MSN me and told me it is from Felicia’s secret suitor. Haa…. I thought it was from Meijie.

We had a very nice birthday dinner later that day. Echo, Francis, Grey and family (mum and dad) joined us at Ruijin Hotel. We had good food at a very “heritage” place. The weather, fog, old building and atmosphere created a mixture of magic for our night.

This is Felicia’s 2nd birthday in Shanghai. The third one in this house. And possibly her last one in this city.

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