My 47th Visitor – Hovman Goh

Every time someone visits me from Singapore, I will certainly get them to bring me a copy of 8-days. Looking at the 50 over issues of 8-days, it seems that I have a bi-weekly subscription of 8-days.

It is unbelievable! Shanghai is such a popular destination amongst my Singapore buddies! Hovman – my 47th visitor! And more are coming! And no, there is no budget airline from Singapore to Shanghai. It is purely the good old attraction of charming Shanghai.

No matter what, you guys are more than just a number! You added so much life and fun to my funless life here. Hovman should have extend his trip a little longer. We are just so near to the real fun. We ended up buying jeans at Huai Hai Road.

Sigh…it is always a little sad to say goodbye to my friends and family. But before I knew it, it was another "hello". Guess I am extremely blessed.

Anyway, where is Jimmy? Meijie? And Gareth? Grrrrr……come come, I show you nice nice massage and KTV. Man, you guys are supposed to be my "bros"?
May: Felicia, John, Ow Yong, Monica & Julian
June: Charlie, Jamie
July: Scott, Desmond, Yogi
August: Meiling, Bettina
Nov: Tracy, Ken, Jinwei, Hong Ai
Dec: Sam, Lusia (and 5 other family members)


Jan: Felicia & Elkan
Feb: Serene (Jimmy’s wife)
Mar: Joanne
April: Mum, Dad, Leon, Auntie Amy and Uncle Benny
May: Kelvin, Diane
June: Juliana, Felicia & Elkan
July: Scott, Desmond, Yogi
August: Shawn
Sept: Tracy
Oct: Kalinda, Felicia & Elkan, Cousin Alvin
Nov: Hovman (he had fun!)
Coming in Dec: Auntie Amy, Cousin Chester, Joanne’s cousin (and more!)

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