World of Acronym

I am really not a fan of acronym. Often, it puts me in an awkard situation during a decent conversation. I look stupid if I don’t know any of these acronyms mentioned. But again, KNNBCCB, who cares right?
Despite my dislikes for acronym, it entered my life at an early stage. When I was young, like most Singaporeans, I attended PAP prep-school. There, we were taught the concept of time "AM" and "PM". Next, I had my PSLE and GCE. Those were the days of BGRs at BK or KFC and before I can figure out the topic, I am enlisted by CMPB (NS) and slogged thru 2 years of BMT and SISPEC with LPPL people. Thought life would be better after ORD but I was wrong I start getting deductions from AIA, IRAS, CPF, PUB (later SP), M1, SCV etc. Can’t afford COE and ERP on ECP or PIE, I prefer to stick to my SBS and MRT.
Afterall, I gotta to save up for my ROM and HDB. Of course, KK didn’t come until 2 years ago. Life has been good to me till far… Started my boutique agency at RCB and now working for BAT with SHA 141 as a GAD… . Who says life is complicated when you have acronym? SMS, MSN, MMS…Communication made simple? Haaaa… I really want to puke now.. I dunno how to teach my son all these ABC…just let him sink his time in PSP or his favourite H5 videos while I watch my favourite CSI series.
Man, I do hate acronym. (I attended a forum last month in HK with 26 unknown-to-me acronym, i felt so out of place!) Especially when they are not localised (every country or culture has their own). Here is a list of common acronym that you need to know:
1) LASER – Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
2) AM / PM – (Latin) Ante Meridien, Post Meridien (meridien meaning mid-day)
3) AIDS – Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
4) ETC – (Latin) Et Cetera
5) BLOG – Web Log
6) WWW – World Wide Web
7) HTTP – Hypertext Transfer Protocol
8) SOHO – Small Office, Home Office
9) YAHOO – Yet Another Hierarchically Organised Oracle
10) AD / BC – (Latin) Anno Domini – "In the Year of the Lord" / Before Christ
Enough said, watch out for your PSI back home.

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