1 Year of Blogs

Come 23rd Oct 2006, my blog celebrates its 1st birthday. 94 blogs and 16600 visitorships (an average of 320 visitors per week)…quite a good turnout I must say. To be honest, I never thought of writing so much (yes, I am talkative..but not typekative).
Really want to backup some of these blogs… I have so much good time reading them. Just spent 1 hour indexing my 1 year labour…man, this blog has certainly grown…and I never know when I will stop blogging. It feels kinda sad when I read Tracy’s friend’s blog a couple of months back… In her last entry..she wrote about her cancer..telling us that that was her last blog. She has passed away since. 
There are things in life that you just hate to exit. There are times when I wished that I can live within the movie or book…to be part of their life. I love the movie "LOST"…at the end of each season, I would miss some of the characters…like how I would miss my friends. Wanted so badly to see and hear them. This is call "attachment". At times, when the reel connects the real.. the feelings & emotions can be so real. 
Guess this blog is just another way for me to connect with my friends out there… And this blog wun be possible without all of you! Keep all the activities going! And I shall have more stuffs to write and gossip!
Hope you have an enjoyable time with me. Looking forward to another great year.
October 23      52 Weeks with Elkan
October 23      Elkan Unwrapped Presents!
October 24      Yifu Wedding – The night Yifu shed tears
October 25      For My Shanghai Knight & Kitty (Francis is the kitty!)
October 26      Numbers of Our Lives
October 27      The Special Lot – Friends from Joo Chiat
October 28      The night when I rejected Elkan twice.
October 28      Steamboat Party
October 31      Really "Bread" Habit! (Updated)
November 02  Roving Clouds, Shooting Stars and Fireworks
November 02  Halloween Night
November 05  Am I paying for movie or commercial?
November 06  I Drunk the Most
November 07  The Season of Love
November 11  The Amazing Trip – Malacca
November 14  34 hours in Malacca
November 17  Knowing when the rain is coming…
November 19  Short Film by people next door
November 19  What Car is Yours?
December 01   My Adventures with Taxi Drivers
December 02   Working for "Sweat and Blood" Money
December 10   Did I sign for a Package?
December 10   Singaporean’s Stupid Queuing Habits
December 17   O-Biang Dress-Up Party at Katong
December 24   Wahbiang Moments of the Year!
December 26   Wahbiang Christmas 2005
December 29   Conflicting Services by Telcos
January 01       Looking Back, Moving Forward
January 08       An Eventful Rainy Week 1
January 10       My Funeral
January 15       The Sun is Out
January 21       When Old Friends Gather
January 21       To Give Or Not to Give
January 28       The Tale of a Lost Umbrella
January 28       Nothing but a Metal Box
January 29       On the 1st Day of Chinese New Year
February 05     The Day I Fell in Love with my son
February 06     And when she smiles…
February 07     Today is 31st Hock’s Day
February 10     Wedding Seasons
February 11     A Reason to Celebrate, A Reason to Spend
February 13     Election Time
February 13     Thank You My Buddies
February 19     My 20th Companion in 10 Years
February 28     1 Week at the "Whore of the Orient"
March 03         Travel Blog – Day 1 in Shanghai
March 04         Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 2
March 06         Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 4
March 06         Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 3
March 07         Travel Blog – Shanghai Day 5-6
March 13         Back to Norm
March 19         Nostalgia
March 22         Taking Pride in my Job
March 23         Turning Points in Life
March 29         A 2nd Visit to Shanghai
April 08           5th May – It is Official
April 12           The debut of "CHubby Joe" Comic-Strip
April 16           Good Easter Weekend
April 22           A Warm Farewell (at Caffeine)
May 02            An Island Mall
May 08            A Luggage of Wishes and Luck
May 12            It’s so hard to say Goodbye
May 14            Keeping up to their pace
May 15            Earthquake at Joanne House
May 21            1st 10 days
May 22            Meanwhile back at Hotel 25…
May 23            Somewhere Out There
May 28            Kiss Goodbye
May 28            A Small World
June 12            Moving House, Cutting Hair
June 17            Last Year, This Day – My Birthday
June 22            Independence
July 02             No Mood for Blog
July 16             The Future is Here
July 18             Visitors of my Blog
July 23             Lost in Translation
July 23             Lost in Translation II
August 07       Reunion & Departure
August 09       Happy Birthday Singapore
August 13       MSN with Francis Chay
August 13       The 3rd Visitor of My House
August 17       Meijie Celebrates 31st!
August 23       The Arrival of Grey!
August 29       The City of LuthorCorp and Superman
August 29       A Black Day
September 03  Origins of "Common Phase"
September 07  A Multinational Meeting
September 10  The Number that Changed the World
September 15  Calling Your Names
September 16  Elkan 1st Day in School
September 23  Elkan’s 1st Surgery (20th Sept)
September 23  The Hexagon Link
October 15      Home Trip (28th Sept – 9th Oct)
October 18      Happy Birthday 2 You, Son.


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