Happy Birthday 2 You, Son.

Dear son,
My little prankster, I dun know when will you get the chance 2 read this. Perhaps, your mum can read this blog 2 you at bedtime.
Guess what, you are 2 2day! This means we have been 2gether for exactly 2 years! Mmm…not exactly 2 years in terms of time spent…(if you minus away all the weekdays, my stay in Shanghai and your little trips 2 Malacca.) I was a little fearful that you have forgotton about me when I have 2 be away in Shanghai for so long. It seems that the "Joe Standee" at your house works! Just remember that "Daddy" is not my name or the name of that standee…it is more like an affection title between us both. 
I am so proud of you, my son. You are the product of 2 really creative lovers who got together because of a mahjong game. And I heard from mum that you are becoming a monster lately… Okay, apparently, the adults are expecting you 2 behave like them. I know it is hard 2 understand "baby commands" like "mummum" (eating), "bongbong" (bathing), "sheshe" (peeing) and "ooiooi" (sleeping). 2 be honest, I am bored 2…I did thought of teaching you more cool words like "bigbig kalinda", "cheeky meijie", "fatty gareth", "bamboo juliana", "clumsy tracy" and "angry joanne" etc. I am sure you attract more kisses, laughters and hugs if you can master them.
Oh yes, for your own good… please go and master "sexy mummy" first… She will play more "purple dino" for you 2 watch.
Strangely, my son… you are so small yet you have such a strong influence over the adults. Over time, these "aunties and uncles" have picked up your little body language and sounds. You are a natural magnet but a soft-hearted one. Seeing you reminded me of my past as a child. It is a rediscovery for me…bringing me back 2 my roots…remembering how I was back then.
Son, you are ever so friendly, adorable, cute and polite 2 new faces…yet…like you dad and grandfather, you prank on your closest ones. Some thing can’t change. You will grow up being a soft-hearted person who loves your family and loved ones more than you care about yourself. This is you, our legacy.
Sorry for not bidding farewell during my last home trip. You know, it is so hard 2 say goodbye 2 you. Your tears, your calling of "daddies" just break my heart. Perhaps, you will never know… I miss you so much…and enjoyed so much whenever I am with you. Your mum says I need not 2 take care of your pampers and feeding. I guess that must be the reason. (You are certainly getting 2 heavy and difficult 2 maintain now… Granny and mum are complaining about their health… You kinda drove them up the walls all day, huh?)
Boy, you are just so lucky… Look at you 2day… The center of attraction! You just had all my favourite girls surrounded you! Man, daddy is jealous…wish I can be in your spot 2. Get out of those girls company and spend more macho time with the uncles. People on the street are still calling you "mui mui". Man, I wish I knock some sense into their head – YOU ARE ALREADY 2 AND THEY STILL THINK YOU ARE A GIRL???
Oh yes, I must complained on your behalf.. These nice aunties brought you 2 Crystal Jade for dinner and you are served nothing but boring blend congee for your birthday dinner?????? Urghh… if daddy is there, I would have treated you a nice mud pie or roasted chicken. I hope the guests have the same congee like yours 2.
And son, you screwed up the gift opportunity. Heard that you are given the freedom 2 pick any gift at Toys R Us 2day… (it was my wish since young!)…and you ended up picking nothing for yourself???? Didn’t you see Xbox 360 or PSP Games? What were you thinking??? Chasing the air again? You know…such offer doesn’t come back again.
Okay, my prince. Me got 2 go. Enjoy the monkey I gave you… (dun let mum or granny took it away). And dun you dare be the monkey 2. You already have the Harry Porter’s scar on your forehead this June. Just stop there…you aren’t wolverine.
Happy birthday 2 you. That is the only time you can really put a real "2" in that.
Elkan Daddy, Shanghai
17th Oct 2006, Tuesday

One Response to Happy Birthday 2 You, Son.

  1. Tam says:

    Elkan likes the monkey very much. Just that he wants 2 call it Daddie! (He’s trying 2 say daddie gave this 2 him lah) He’s got nice lean meat, century egg porridge with spicy beef sause k. And very nice fruity cake 2! Thks 2 the ladies for the presents! He was playing it early in the morning. I was awaken by his:" broooomm, vvrooooom, boooom and car car, car car"! Heee…

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