Roving Clouds, Shooting Stars and Fireworks

The sky above us often displays the most spectacular emotions. In a clear breezy day, you could see cottons of roving clouds, forming shapes that are only limited by your little imagination. At night, you see millions of twinkling stars spread across the dark galaxy, dazzling across the dark mysterious sky.

Singaporeans are too busy to admire the enchanting sky. We are often surrounded by clusters of skyscrapers and urban canopy that blocked our sight of the horizon. While the trees and shaded walk-ways protect us from the harsh tropic sun and rain, it also cluttered our vision of the beautiful sky.

I guess the only time you find Singaporeans look up, gazing at the sky is either during a “well publicized” lunar eclipse, planet alignment, festive seasons or on 9th August – when the local will gathered in thousands near Esplanade at Marina Bay to watch those dazzling fireworks.

I have never given a damn thing about the “sky-gazing” – not until my first visit to Australia. For some reasons, every photograph (outdoor) turned out superbly well – without the aid of a colour-enhancement filter. The Aussie has the greenest fields, bluest sky and reddest sunset. 

Winter Night, Year 1999 – During our first farm-stay at Bunbury, after dinner, Felicia and I sat decided to take a night stroll along the pond – just 5-min walk from our chalet. That night, we were both greeted with the most enchanting night sky.  In that perfect dark setting, we stood there (under 8 degrees), counting shooting stars and roving clouds. There was no street-lamp or exposed lightings to deter our vision for the clear “starry starry night”. It was an unforgettable sight.

Last night, both Felicia and I watched a marvelous display of fireworks just outside our windows at Eunos. No, it wasn’t the Deepavali fireworks. Neither has it got anything to do with the Hari Raya celebration. It was simply a gift from Mother Nature.

Streams of lightning flashed actively across the dark red sky. Strangely, it wasn’t thunderous. On the contrary, it gave us a very soothing and peaceful mood. Switching off all the lights in our house, we rolled up our window blinds, stood by our windows, gawking at nature’s most spectacular fireworks. (See photos).

For that few minutes, my fear for lightning has been replaced by a sentiment of love. Hypnotically and electrifying, it was indeed a very beautiful and breath-taking performance.

One Response to Roving Clouds, Shooting Stars and Fireworks

  1. stezzy says:

    Great pictures! I always feel you have an "eye" for photography…maybe you will need a new camera which do not blurred all of your great shots.But the twist and turn of your current Nikon enhances your technique in capturing the fascinating moments of mother nature as well as the candid moments of the wahbiang gang, and of course, the ever-photogenic Elkan!NIce! Really!

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