DIY – Lego Bluetooth Control WALL•E (Updated)

Last November while I was sourcing for more parts for my Lego tree house, I spotted a very unique Lego WALL•E displayed at the toy shop near my office. There was something different about this WALL•E. There were a lot of wires connecting from its body to its head. Those weren’t fake wires. Curiously, I asked the shop keeper if the WALL•E was running on batteries. He told me it was a bluetooth control toy. Using an app on his iPhone, the WALL•E came alive with lights and motion! I was so intrigued by it that I offered him a price for the display item. However, he told me it was not for sale.

I went home that night and googled a couple of videos online. There were a couple of pretty cool and simple Lego hacks to convert a standard WALL•E into a remote control toy using Lego’s standard (Power Functions) powered motors and IR controller. However, I could not find the same mobile bluetooth control Lego WALL•E. The next day, I went back to the shop and asked more information about their WALL•E.

The shop owner was very helpful and nice. He told me to wait for the new WALL•E edition as the original one had some issues with the joints of its neck. It was too loose and Lego will be releasing a new edition sometime in March 2016. He also helped me to order all the electrical parts that were required to make the bluetooth control WALL•E.

2 days ago, the parts finally arrived and I went to pick them up. As the WALL•E was no longer displaying in the shop, the shop keeper couldn’t show me how to wire up the parts. He gave me a web link (but the tutorial was completely useless). At mid point, I had to discard the confusing online tutorial and relied on my own logic to rebuild the entire piece again.

In the end, I spent 4.5 long hours on Saturday night to piece everything together. It was extremely messy but all fun and exciting! My face lit up the moment WALL•E came to life (via the app SBrick)! I made a couple of modifications (and even changed the colours of its eyes!).  The best part was I am able to design and customised my own app controller!

Check out the “making video” in my 2nd Vlog of 2016 below! I am sure my son will be screaming in excitement the moment I show him this. Enjoy!

11 Responses to DIY – Lego Bluetooth Control WALL•E (Updated)

  1. Joyce Lee says:

    ear Wahbiang
    It was so helpful to watching your video and reading your blog. I’ve also got a same question as Jim about wall-e eyes part . Are you able to list the part number to me,too? from Taiwan, English not so good. If make u got bad feeling.Im apologies.

    Thank you so much!


  2. Jim says:

    Dear Wahbiang

    I have enjoyed watching your video and reading your blog. It’s nice when people take the time and effort to share their work with others. Putting lights in the eyes is amazing and really brings him to life, i’ve not seen that on any others this is a really good modification.

    I’ve just bought this for my son’s upcoming birthday and can’t wait to see his face when he opens it. Your video has made me aware of the bluetooth module, so thank you. I have now ordered all the motors and i think most of the other bits i think i need to complete the modification. (1×2 yellow bricks, black axels for motors etc) You mention that you change the colour of Wall-e’s eyes. How did you do this? are you able to list the part number please? Any pics you have of the light and bluetooth mount would be very appreciated.

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • Wahbiang says:

      Hi Jim, thanks for your nice notes. Please share with me your email address and I forward the photos to you. 🙂

    • Grace says:

      Hi! This is awesome and I totally love it. I’ve recently built Wall-E but wasn’t aware this could be done to it until I watched your video. Thanks for sharing. And do you think you could give me the link for the parts so I can put them together? 🙏🏼

      • Wahbiang says:

        Hi Grace, I have just updated my blog with a new photo with all the parts indicated on the photo. Hope it helps you to gather the right parts to bring the WallE to life. 🙂

  3. Gil Kalderon says:

    Dear Wahbiang
    I was really excited to read and watch your WALL-e great coming to life. Recently we have purchased the Wall-e LEGO (21303) in Berlin. I think the version is with a new neck, since it is a “ball” connection of the neck and the head. My son and me really enjoyed to brick our own WALL-e
    But there was a lack in the store of the motorized parts )-: so ..thusour WALL-e is just a bricked fantastic LEGO but nothing more…
    I was highly enthusiaised to see your Bluetooth innovative moving WALL-e
    since we are NOT professionals…just amatures..could you advise us how can we purchase the set to try to have our own WALL-e motorized ?
    Hope it is not a too much. I really thank you in advance for every help and tip since my son’s 9th birthday is coming. I am sure he will be the happiest kid to receive such a unique challenging present.
    My email address is :
    I will highly appreciate any tip regarding how and what to order over the net (the whole set to motorize ournWall-w)
    Thanks in advance

    • Wahbiang says:

      Hi Gil,

      Sorry for my late reply. I hope it is not too late for you.

      Thanks for your good words and encouragement. It is a great thing that you got the new edition Lego Wall-E head. I got 2 and the old edition is just as bad.

      I managed to source the parts at this shop: There are many YouTube videos on teaching you how to build the Lego Wall-E but most of them are pretty complicated. However, once you get all the parts (you should be able to figure what goes where easily).

      Let me hunt the photos of my existing Wall-E so I can share more insights with you.

      Hope you son be as happy and delightful as mine!



      • Gil says:

        Hi Joe
        Thank for your response. I will try to figure the parts to be purchased on the web site you’ve sent. Thanks! Hopefully I will figure what to purchase.
        With your permission, I will approach you for further details whether needed and I will highly appreciate whether you can add the photos of the parts to be set in Wall-e, since we are rukies…

      • Wahbiang says:

        Hahah.. I was sending the photos when you replied this. I be happy to assist if you need more help. 🙂

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