Little Towkay at his first flea market

BLOG BY FELICIA (27th May 2012)

It has been a tiring but happy day for me. I got a flea market booth at a new mall called Scape. Located just behind Orchard Cine Leisure. There were booths from the ground floor to the 4th floor. Ground floor booths are mainly selling new stuffs. While the 2nd to 4th floor booths are for resale of preloved clothes, shoes, bags and toys. We got a spacious corner on the 4th level. In less than 15min setting up, we got our first sale! Sold 2 pairs of sunnies!

This is Elkan’s first flea market experience. In the beginning when customers were browsing the clothes, he came to me and ask: “Mummy, that t-shirt so old! Can still sell?” …. the customer smiled at us and left….. So I explained to him what he should avoid saying especially when customers are around. Or at least whisper in my ear.

Later in the afternoon, Elkan started to get bored as the sale slowed down, so he started playing with his iPad. He was playing a heated game of ping pong with Kenneth and Karen (my sharing partners for the booth sale). Not a wise choice as those 2 are supposed to be the “key salesmen” of the booth.

Towards the evening, Elkan got bored again and started doodling and drew very nice $2 price tags and started shouting out to the crowd: “$2 clothes here! $2 clothes here!” So unlike me, quiet and shy. He was so bold and such a natural!! And he attracted quite a bit of attention. Other booth owners were taking pictures of him and also started shouting like him too. The flea market got livelier and was bustling with shouts from different booths.

We managed to sold lots of Joe’s collection of Transformer toys! A guy was happy to find our very old but well kept box of Risk board game! Shrek soft toys were more popular than Pooh bears! Poor Elmo was molested by so many customers but still not taken. I suggested to Elkan, maybe he should hug it and walk around the whole floor and shout: “Elmo for sale!!” And he did that! I hear people saying: “So cute!!” but still Elmo came back to us. Nevertheless, it was a good try and Elkan was enjoying himself. He even made friends with other booth owners, getting their names and guessing their age. They let him stand at their booths and shout $2 bucks sale driving crowd to our corner!

The sale ended at 8pm. We were quite exhausted. After packing up quickly, we had a nice dinner over at Orchard Cine Leisure before heading home. I think I may try get another booth soon to clear more stuff and Elkan will be my very good sales kid! 

One Response to Little Towkay at his first flea market

  1. Amy says:

    Hi BoBo, next time get me along when u get another booth at the flea market. I might pick up some goodies from there.

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