A Round of Table Tennis Game at the Museum

(Photo Taken: Playing Table Tennis at the Singapore Art Museum – Waiting for the high ball to land, Elkan was having a great time playing with the art curator at the “Ping-Pong-Go-Round” table – created by Artist Lee Wen. We skipped our afternoon hike at Fort Canning Hill and explored the nearby museums instead. It has been almost 12 years since I last stepped into a museum in Singapore. The facades and interiors of the museums have gone through quite a lot of upgrading. Despite their grand new looks, I feel there are a lot more we can do to attract more visitors. Time to bring in more vibrant content and make heritage interesting for the new generation. I was disappointed that we need to flash a NTUC card to gain free access. The main permanent galleries of the museums should be opened freely to all Singaporeans. If not for the very least, give free access to our students and retirees.)

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