Action at Phuket (Part I)

After waiting for more than 6 months, Team Action is finally here in Phuket!
This is my first trip to Thailand (a big surprise for many) and it is also my most enjoyable and rewarding team-bonding trip ever! The combination is perfect – Beautiful beach resort at JW Marriott Phuket + superb weather + exciting activities + united colleagues & friends!

It was more than just good food and lazing by the beach. It was tough. Imagine playing Survivor, Boot Camp, Fantasy Island, Big Brother, Master Chef and Amazing Race – All in one! For the past 2 days, the team spent a lot of time together – bonding and competing for 2 top awards – “Best Team” and “Best Individual” Awards.

Yesterday morning, we set off to a private island where all the teams fought fiercely for the top spot. I am talking about real sweat and blood. It was very physical – the teams swam, canoed, cycled and ran for 4 hours! I just realized my body couldn’t take the “fairly-strenuous” activities. I was outran, outwitted and outplayed by those young people in the team. In the end, my team lost by a very narrow margin to a bunch of Iron-Men+Women! (That reminds me that I really need a good Thai massage later.)

After a long tiring afternoon, the team returned to the resort and chilled out by the beach and pool. Sunset was stunningly beautiful – a colorful display of day and night. What an enchanting magical moment! (Wish I have my loved ones beside me.)

We ended the day with great food, drinks and very entertaining performance by our very own Bollywood star – Harshad. Lots of happy team photos and videos. The team partied till 3am back in their rooms. (I could hear Harshad and girls chattering loudly outside my room at 2am!) A big thank to David, Chowpo and Tracy for organizing such an awesome event for the team! I am already looking forward to the next one!

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