Jolin Tsai “Myself” World Tour Concert 2011 (蔡依林世界巡回演唱會)

Last night, Taiwanese Pop Princess Jolin Tsai heated up Hong Kong Coliseum with her sparkling performance. This is her 6th stop (total 8 cities) of her Asian “Myself” Tour. Teaming with Miguel Zarate (leading choreographer of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears), Jolin fired up the audience with her hot curves and seductive dance routines. She is the “Kylie Minogue” and “Ayumi Hamasaki” of Mandarin Pop.

It wasn’t the gigantic LCD Sphere or the pyrotechnics that stole the show. it was those daring, sexy and illuminated signature outfits Jolin wore. Red LED dress, Super bright Breast-Pads and low-cut tight dress that revealed her deep V. (See photo below) Simply booblicious! The key outfit of the night was undeniably the red laser-illuminated bodice. Hundreds of red laser lines beamed around Jolin – like a Goddess, a Superstar. (Ouch! She just laser-beam my eyes! What a knocker!)

Overall, it was a spectacular show (but not the best pop/dance concert I have attended). The Hong Kong concert was a little different from her Singapore and Taiwan legs. No water-dance finale and we didn’t see any special celebrity guest appearance. Jolin was an eye-candy but her singing was lacking. Loud woofer bass muffled her voice most of the night. Jolin didn’t really connect with her fans wholeheartedly – she sounded a little “cold” (not much confident) in her speech. Nevertheless, she managed to get half the audience standing and dancing towards the finale of the concert with her hot sexy moves. Surely, Jolin speaks louder with her body language than words. That’s being herself.

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