Day 10 – Leaving for Home

Finally, it is time to say goodbye. Today is our 10th day and we are flying back to Singapore. Felicia is sitting on my left watching TV and Elkan on my right playing monopoly on his iPad. Me? Writing this blog on the plane now so I can just post them up when I reach home later this evening at 1130pm.

Not sure if we are going to have another difficult farewell at the transit gate later. I guess not cos there are Tracy and Meijie with us. (And I have filled Elkan’s bag with so much goodies and his IPad full of our holidays photos!) Thanks Meijie and Tracy for taking such good care of us when we were there in Australia. You guys are the best baby-sitters!

Over 2’000 photos and 150 video clips were taken this trip. 20 travel blogs were recorded on the road every day. Life today will be a big contrast tomorrow. Elkan will be going back to school next Monday. And I will be diving into piles of work waiting for me in office tomorrow morning. We had so much fun in the last 10 days. Yeah…this is what I call “work hard, play harder”!

Will see both of you soon. Sleep tight tonight and see you guys in the Aussie Dreamland.

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