The World of Bureaucracy

2 very good “must-watch” documentaries to recommend. Both films display the hardcore facts of an eroding America. Shocking, mind-blowing and compelling. “Inside Job” exposed the ugly and wicked side of the dark investment world. This film will prompt you to rethink all the stories and pictures your loyal “Financial Planner” painted about your retirement plans. “Waiting for Superman” is a touching film about kids suffering under the education system of America. It reminded me of the cruel “lottery game” our own Singapore educator plays every year for primary school enrollment. The fate of your child lies on a simple game of ballot. Thankfully, we have many good public schools in Singapore. Of course, I am not a firm believer of the notion “good school = good future” but education should be fair and open for all. Why do we allow our educators to determine our child’s future in the game of a “lucky draw”?  Sadly, bureaucracy is king. And Bureaucrat doesn’t need brains.

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