Walking in the Trees

Ever since Felicia and Elkan moved back to Singapore last December, I miss my hiking days with them in Hong Kong. On my last day in Singapore, Felicia brought us to explore the new hiking spots in Singapore.

We started our hike at 1:30pm. The afternoon heat in Singapore was unbearable hot and humid. (I still prefer hiking in the cooler weather in Hong Kong.) There was no way we can complete the entire 9km “Southern Ridges” trail with Elkan under such weather condition. We decided to cut short our hike (to 2.3km) and explored the two most spectacular hiking spots – Singapore’s tallest pedestrian bridge, the 274m-long “Henderson Waves” and the “Forest Walk”.

The Henderson Waves Bridge is stunning – wavy curve exterior walls and overarching ribbed canopy, providing partial shade for the hikers. This looks like a great place for the skateboarders to ramp up the walls. Elkan was having lots of fun, running across the curve walls. Standing over 70m above sea-level, this bridge connects Mount Faber Park to Telok Blangah Hill Park. We cannot imagine how well camouflaged this place is.

Crossing the bridge, it leads us to another attraction – the “Forest Walk”. The “Forest Walk” consists of many connecting elevated metal walkways over the forested area of Telok Blangah Hill. It reminds me of the “Tree Top Walk” of Perth, Australia. Walking over the metal-grills platform, we saw the dense vegetation right below our feet. The elevated bridges span over different layers and heights. At 20m tall, this is certainly not a walk for those who have height phobia. N-Park has done a great job in maintaining this place. There are many signs along this 1.3km Forest Walk which are very educational and prominent. Walking through the forest, we indulged ourselves in the symphony of the trees, bugs and birds. The Forest Walk bridges us closer to Mother Nature through modern comfort and easy accessibility. It is so peaceful and beautiful here. (Thanks Felicia for planning this wonderful outing on my last day in Singapore! It is such a pity that we couldn’t stay a little longer. I got to rush back to pack for tomorrow’s flight!)

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