Big Wave Bay

While we were pondering where to go for our usual Sunday hike, Wenxu asked us about the surfing sites in Hong Kong. We did a quick check online and found out that there was a popular surfing site not far away from our home.  It was mentioned on a local surfing website that winter is the best season to go surfing in Hong Kong (when the sea is most wavy). We decided to take a cab to “Big Wave Bay” (at Shek O Beach) to check out the place.

Big Wave Bay is indeed stunning – fine beaches, shallow water and beautiful eroded cliffs. Despite the cold winter season, we saw many surfers at the sea. Wenxu couldn’t resist the waves and he went to the nearby surf shop to rent a bright yellow surf board. (It was pretty cold but he enjoyed it!) Danielle stayed on the beach watching her cool darling doing stunts out in the sea. The rest of us took a strenuous long walk up the notorious “Dragon’s Back”! We didn’t managed to complete our hike – The sun was setting and we could barely take another step up the hill. (Harshad and I were breathless at mid way!) We decided to turn back and headed back down to the beach to catch our sunny couple! (This is a great place and we will be back for sure!)

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