Boxing Day Water Crisis

Nope, I am not talking about the tsunami which happened last night. I was referring to another pipe burst (4th this year) in my “high-class” estate. You can imagine my mood when Tracy woke me up this morning with this unpleasant news. I was supposed to meet a colleague at 11:30am. Helplessly, I dragged myself out of bed, packed my bag with clean clothes and headed to Harshad’s house for my morning rituals. Poor buddy, he came back home last night at 5am (after his Christmas party) and I disrupted his sleep with my panic call on a Sunday morning. What can I say, one friend’s problem is another friend’s woes. I raided his “transparent” bathroom and he enjoyed my disgusting “Full-Monty” performance. Well, I did gave him a good excuse to “box” me today.

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