Meeting an old friend on Christmas Eve

Life is always full of delightful surprises and coincidences. Thanks to the new Fate (aka Facebook), Mindy (aka Mingyi) and I were able to reconnect with each other after almost 20 years – here in Hong Kong on Christmas Eve! The last time we met each other was back in 1991 – that was when we were 16 or 17. I can never ever imagine a meeting like this.

During our chat, I realised there are many similarities between us – Back in Poly days, Mindy studied in building and I was in architecture. She also worked in Hong Kong for 3 years before moving back to Singapore. We both have a son. And exactly like our situation, Mindy’s husband is currently working in Hong Kong while she and her only son are back in Singapore. Guess what? Mindy and her son are staying 1 street away from Felicia and Elkan!

During our 1-hour lunch, we are able to click with one another instantly. She also shared her experience about their distant-relationship and how they manage to cope as a family. God is certainly watching over me.

It is a pity Fate didn’t arrange this meeting 2 weeks earlier. Mindy was here since late November. Mindy, Yifu, Meijie and I would have meet up! She will be flying back to Singapore on 31st Dec. No matter what, it is good to meet a long-lost friend. Especially on a Christmas Eve overseas.

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