48 Hours Later…

Life is slowly getting back to norm. Living alone – I am much independent, tidier and hardworking. Thanks to FaceTime, Felicia taught me how to operate the washing machine step by step. Harshad even helped me to hang out the laundry at the balcony. I began to enjoy the fun of daily chores and the quietness. It reminded me of my early life in Shanghai.

The only uncomfortable thing is the strange sounds I have been hearing lately. The house is so quiet that I can hear the fan of the refrigerator, the ticking hands of the wall clock, the wind howling outside my balcony, the creaking sound of the wooden floor and even the elevator door outside my apartment. Sure miss the noise of my little prankster. At least, he drown all these ghostly sounds at night.

It was indeed a gloomy dreadful farewell last Wednesday. The temperature dropped to 7 that week. Thankfully and through God’s blessings, my good friends and family from Singapore, Shanghai, Malaysia and Hong Kong kept me going with their love and warmth. More than just coincidence, I also strongly believe my Wahbiang buddies’ presences in Hong Kong were divinely designed to help me through these lonely moments. Meijie (14-16th), Tracy, Harshad, Yifu & Family (14th-19th) and Uncle Bay (19th-20th) were here with me back to back – there wasn’t a lonely moment for me.

So many of you called (Echo, Doreen, Christin, Eric, Hovman) to cheer me up. I received tons of messages from my colleagues (Alice, Dorothy, Vince, Loretta), friends (Pei Ling, Agnes Lee, Josephine Hoon, Natalie, Randy, Hongfei, Felix, Diane, Yiyi, Aimei, Jas, Hong Ai, Amelia, Danielle Fong, Daniella Ong, Raghu), family (Amy, Chester, Asty, Yei) and my Wahbiang Clan (Joanne, Karen, Juliana, Kalinda).

A big THANK YOU to all of you who came up to us with tears, hugs, encouragement and “love letters/sms/emails/calls”. I am really deeply touched by all your attention and love. (Not forgetting Steve Jobs who made FaceTime so user-friendly and simple to use. See our happier FaceTime Moments above.)

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