Rooftop BBQ Party

Last evening, my boss, David threw a rooftop BBQ party for the whole department. It was another new Hong Kong experience for the Singapore family. We had never been to a rooftop BBQ party before. And it was a great experience for all of us.

David’s house is a 20-minute steep walk hike up at the Mid-Levels. His house and rooftop are big – at least 2,400sqft in total! The night view overlooking Soho, Central and the harbor was beautiful. The atmosphere (music, candles, weather) and settings were just perfect! There were lots of food, drinks and even toys for the kids. This is really the kind of life I never get to enjoy back in Singapore.  Strangely, we always had that impression that Hong Kong is too congested and over-crowded. But there are always space for us to roam and chill out (the hills, the beaches, the forests and many many rooftops!)

It was pretty windy and cold last night. I had to give Felicia my own sweater. Braving through the chilly December wind with only a t-shirt, I am surprised my body was able to regulate itself and kept me warm throughout the night.

There is no argue that the French has the world’s greatest chefs! Barbecuing with the French was an eye-opening experience. It is an art! This is something we Singapore BBQ-lovers should learn from. David has invented a peculiar way of barbecuing. And his secret? The hair-dryer. He demonstrated the ease of starting and keeping the fire consistent with no sweat. Forget about those fire-starters and all that tiring fanning. All he needed to do was to press that button – out came the hot air and rise the fire! Simply innovative! And the food tasted so good!

As usual, Elkan was the loudest kid in the group. He was playing, screaming and running wildly with his new French girl (David’s 2-year old daughter) on the rooftop. Not forgetting Harshad (who just messaged me about his broken bones), he was loud, tipsy and stole the show last night. (He was so loud that the estate security guard came up to check on us!) At midnight when all of us were leaving, Harshad started drinking vodka with our French hosts. I got this strange feelings he slept on the rooftop last night – just like the show “Hangover”.

This was the last big gathering party for me this year. Most of us are clearing leaves and departing for work. I am clearing my outstanding leaves for the year – leaving only 4 working days till the end of 2010. Chowpo and Paul are leaving for their work assignment in Japan next Monday. Subu, Mike and Tracy are leaving Hong Kong for their holidays. And sadly, Felicia and Elkan are heading home to start their new life in Singapore. (Well, on the bright side, my Wahbiang Clan brothers from Singapore are on the way here in less than 48 hours!)

Just 3 more weeks to the end of 2010. Lots of departures and reunions. This is going to be quite an unusual Christmas for me. Maybe it is a good time for me to make short trips to visit my friends in China and Taiwan.

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